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June 13, 2022

Can I claim my boots on my Income Tax Return?

Do you work somewhere that requires you to wear protective steel cap boots? Like on a building site or in the mines? Or maybe you’re a concretor and need to wear rubber boots for work?

If yes, then you may be able to claim the cost of your boots to protect your toots (feet). 

How awesome is that? If your boots are over $300 make sure you keep your receipts, or you can’t claim them.

Claim your boots in your etax return

Did you know?

You can also claim the cost non-slip nurses’ shoes if you’re a nurse.

You can’t claim …

Normal closed in shoes can’t be claimed as a deduction, sorry.

So, keep those feet safe and buy those boots!

What other protective clothing can I claim?

Other protective clothing you may be able to claim could include:

  • High vis wear

  • Helmets

  • PPE

  • Aprons/Overalls

  • Fire-resistant clothing

  • Sun protection e.g. sun hats if you work outside a lot  

You can only claim your boots or protective equipment if you actually need to use it for your occupation.

So, stay safe out there and protect yourself knowing that you can claim back the cost of your protective gear as a tax deduction on your e-tax return.

Here's how EASY it is to claim your Boots on your Gotax etax return... 

STEP ONE: On your Expenses List - Click the 'Protective Clothing' icon, it will highlight yellow and have a green tick.
Click Continue.

Gotax Onlines Tax Return

STEP TWO: Tick 'Yes' and enter the cost of your boots - click continue and you're done! 

Protective Clothing Tax Return

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