Online Tax Returns

If you’ve never done your Income Tax return online before then it can be quite a daunting task.

Tax laws, understanding forms, what tax deductions are valid or even what is really a tax deduction.

You’ve been to a Tax Agent, you hand them a few bits of paper, they then ask what tax deductions do want to claim, they answer with a yes or no, they click away on the keyboard and it’s done. It’s taken them all of 10 min to complete your tax return and they make it look pretty easy.

You’ve phoned up to make an appointment, You’ve driven for 30 minutes to get there and back, you wait for another 20 minutes because they are behind, you see them for 10 minutes, part with $120 and get home and find out you missed MAFS.

Well in our tax online world it’s much, much easier than you think. The Tax agent you just visited was just going through the motions, in effect they were just using a system. And it’s that system that we’ve transferred into the GoTax brain to make your experience smooth, simple and easy.

We’ve done away with the tax forms that are designed to confuse you. We’ve taken out those complex bits of tax law that doesn’t apply to the average individual tax return. We’ve narrowed the focus to what most people need to do to create Australia’s simplest online tax site.

And it comes complete with “normal words” “chat help” “tips” “red alerts” and joke of the day.

Just review our testimonials and you’ll find that pretty close to everyone says, “it’s simple and easy to use”.

Gotax for your tax return online experience.