Tax Tips for Holiday Workers

Boost your Tax Refund with these tax deductions!

Tax Tips Holiday Workers may be able to claim on their online income tax return

Uniforms & Laundry

You can claim the cost of purchasing, washing and mending Uniforms that have your employer’s logo permanently attached. 

You cannot claim a deduction for ordinary clothing. E.g. plain jeans and shirts. 


Protective Clothing

You can claim the cost of sun protection if you’re working out in the sun for long periods of time e.g.  hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. 

Car Expenses
You can claim travel  if your travelling from one job to another, or if you need to travel from your regular workplace to run some errands. 

Home to work travel cannot be claimed unless you are carrying heavy or bulky equipment that can’t be left in a safe place at your work.  

Keep a diary tracking your kilometres. If you think you will go over 5,000kms keep a 12-week consecutive logbook and all receipts for any car expenses e.g. Rego & Insurance, Repairs, Fuel etc. 

Tools & Equipment
If you have had to purchase tools or equipment for work and the expense is under $300, you can claim it outright. If it’s over $300, you’ll need to spread the expense over a few years. 

Other Work-Related Expenses
You may also be able to claim the following expenses:

  • Tax Agent Fees

  • Donations 

  • Mobile Phone and/or Internet (Keep a one-month logbook tracking your work calls and work use) 

Need logbooks? 

Download the Gotax app (Deduction Grabber) and generate all the log books you need to support your vehicle claims.

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