Tax Tips for Butchers

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Tax Tips Butchers may be able to claim on their online income tax return

Car Expenses

You can claim for your car if:

You need to run errands for your boss e.g. pick up stock, make deliveries or travel between stores

You drive to your second job directly from your main job


Uniforms & Protective Clothing

You may be able to claim purchase and laundry costs for

Uniforms (that have a logo of who you work for)

Protective clothing e.g. steel cap boots

Protective equipment e.g. aprons


Other common deductions

Tools and equipment e.g. Butchers knives

Repairs to tools and equipment e.g. knife sharpening

Self-education costs such as doing an apprenticeship

Mobile phone calls

Union fees

Overtime meals


Income protection insurance (as long as your super fund doesn’t pay for it)


Tax agent fees


These expenses CANNOT be claimed

Drivers licence or car expenses so you can travel to work carrying knives

Child-care fees while you are at work

Equipment you buy so you can use at home or for private purposes

Normal everyday clothes you buy for work

Glasses or contacts to help you see better


Courses or training that is not related to your job

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