Do your Tax Return in minutes

Simple Online Tax Returns that can be done in minutes!

Gotax online provides a simple and sophisticated online tax system that allows you to complete your online income tax return in minutes.

Faster than a speeding bullet.  That’s right…. That’s how quick you can get your tax return done using the one, the only, the great, the fantastic GoTax online Tax Return System.  We have your taxable income covered, we have your tax deductions covered, we have your offsets covered and we have you covered in making you tax smart and more tax aware.  And we wrap that all up to create the easiest online tax return service across the planet.  Sooooo much tax information from our tax blogs, sooooo much information from our mega movie star who hosts our tax video shows and sooooo much information from tips and help information.  You’ll become soooo smart that you could be our competition in a few years. 

Well then, its about time we introduced our simple yet extremely powerful (behind the scenes) online tax return system……

We do say it’s simple enough for a monkey to use.  But fear not…. I’ve been called a gorilla many times (and worse), and even I need a helping hand now and then, so we’ve got all the tips and help you could need.  We’ve made it easy for you by targeting your occupation and the common tax deductions that apply to you.  We’ve made it easy for you by having handy tips and help information and we’ve made it easy for you by adding alerts so you don’t go doing the wrong thing.  If all that fails you have access to our accountants through our “Contact us” or through our “Chat” service.  And be aware… our Tax Accountants are not just ordinary accountants, but super duper GoTax accountants that are really, really, really smart on all things tax.

And your tax information is safe with us.  We are not Big Brother.  We are not the Tax Office.  We are here for you to maximise your tax deduction and get as much back as you are legally entitled to, keeping all that information safe.

So, all you have to do it SIGN UP and you’ll see the magic unfold before your eyes

Firstly, all you need to do is select your occupations.  The tax deductions that are common to your occupation pop up.  Select more or de-select those that don’t apply.

Then fill in your details, we access ATO systems to download all your income.  Glance and tick and you’re off and going.

Complete the details that apply hand over a few bucks for giving us the honour of having you as a customer and your refund will not be that far off.

Can’t get much simpler than that.  No tax jargon.  Nothing that even looks like a complex tax form.  Nothing that should be confusing (if it is tell us).  Designed to be smart behind the scenes.  Designed to be tax smart beyond expectations.

Welcome aboard, we want your business and our job is to make it a worthwhile experience for you.