Tax Tips for Truckies

Rev your tax refund into top gear by claiming these tax deductions...

Tax Tips Truckies may be able to claim on their online income tax return

Other Work-Related Expenses​

  • Tools for your truck
  • Portable Fridge/Cooler
  • Bedding
  • First aid equipment
  • Stationery e.g. pens, books, diaries, fatigue journals, logbooks
  • Premiums paid on top of your standard drivers licence
  • Sun protection e.g. Sunglasses, sunscreen
  • CB Radio
  • Mobile Phone* & Tablet/Laptop expenses**
  • Union & Membership Fees

Clothing & Protective Wear

  • If you have to wear a uniform that has your company’s logo—you can claim the purchase and laundry costs
  • You can claim clothing or workwear used to protect yourself while working e.g.
  1. Hard hats
  2. Boots
  3. High vis wear e.g. Vests, Shirts, Trousers
  4. Hard hats
  5. Safety glasses

*Keep a one month logbook tracking your usage to claim these expenses as a tax deduction.
**Computers, Laptops or Equipment that cost over $300 will have to spread the tax deduction over a few years.

Meals, Travel & Accommodation​

If you’re an employee truckie...

  • Meal expenses when working away from home (overnight trips)
  • Accommodation costs when working away from home
  • Work-related travel e.g. travelling between depots in your personal vehicle, to training or to meetings*

When you receive an allowance and it’s on your payment summary or payslip —you can claim the
ATO’s Reasonable allowance without receipts. However, the ATO may ask how you calculated your claim by providing a fatigue journal, menus for the places you purchased your meals, or bank statements showing you spent
the money.

If you don’t receive an allowance, and you were required to stay away overnight, you will need to keep all receipts related to your claim.

If you’re away for six nights or more, you’ll need to keep a travel diary.

*You need to keep a 12 week consecutive logbook to work out your work-related percentage, or you need to keep a record of the kilometres travelled to claim using the cents per kilometre method.

Vehicle Expenses

  • Truck repairs and parts
  • Running costs
  • Parking fees
  • Tolls
  • Registration and Insurance costs
  • Cleaning

If you own your truck...

  • Depreciation on your truck
  • Lease payments if leasing the truck
  • Interest on the truck loan

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