Tax Tips for Factory & Warehouse Workers

Boost your Tax Refund with these tax deductions!

Tax Tips Factory Workers  may be able to claim on their online income tax return

Uniforms & Laundry
You can claim the cost of purchasing, washing and mending Uniforms that have your employer’s logo permanently attached. 

You cannot claim a deduction for ordinary clothing. E.g. plain janes or jackets.

Protective Clothing

You may be able to claim Protective/PPE items e.g. 

- Hard Hats
- Steel Cap Boots
- Non slip or waterproof boots
- High Vis Wear
- Masks/Hair Nets
- Gloves
- Protective Glasses
- Ear Muffs/Plugs

Tools & Equipment
If you have had to purchase tools or equipment for work and the expense is under $300, you can claim it outright. If it’s over $300, you’ll need to spread the expense over a few years. 

Other Work-Related Expenses
You may also be able to claim the following expenses:

  • Tax Agent Fees

  • Union Fees

  • Donations

  • Income Protection Insurance

  • Special licences e.g. Forklift licence

  • Stationery

Need logbooks? All of our logbooks come with instructions and the calculations required to work out your work use percentage! You can find these inside your tax return.

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