Tax Tips for Aged Care Workers

Boost your tax refund with these tax deductions...

Top tax tips that Aged Care Workers may be able to claim on their online income tax return.


  • If you complete any training or courses that will improve or maintain your skills directly related to your current role, you can claim the training/course costs.
  • You can also claim Travel, Accommodation,Text books/Manuals, Computers, Equipment & Stationery related to the course.

Home Office & Internet

  • If you have to work from home, and in a designated office, you can claim the running expenses.*
  • You can also claim your Internet usage and any home office equipment e.g. Computers*

*Keep a one month logbook for your home office and internet usage to work out your work-use %.

Car Expenses
If you were required to use your own car to transport patients to and from their home, hospitals and appointments, and/or travel between workplaces, keep a 12 week logbook—this is a great way to boost your tax refund.

There are two ways to claim your travel.
Cents per Kilometre method (the easy way)
You can claim up to 5,000kms with this method, just keep a diary or logbook tracking when, where, why and how many kilometres you travelled.

Logbook method (the hard way)
Yes, it’s the hard way, but it can also be beneficial,
particularly if you use your car a lot for travel.
Keep a 12 week logbook and include your:

  • Opening & Closing Odometer readings
  • When, Where, Why and the Kilometres you travelled.

Also keep all receipts for expenses relating to your car. E.g.

  • Car Rego & Insurance
  • Services, Maintenance, Repairs, Fuel
  • Car Wash
  • Depreciation & Interest on your car

At tax time, use our logbook to calculate your workuse %. Enter it into your tax return and we’ll let you know whether the Cents per KM or the logbook method is the best tax deduction for you.

Uniforms & Protective Clothing
You can claim purchase and laundry costs for your uniform if:

  • If it has your company’s logo permanently attached or;
  • Is specific to your job
  • Protective clothing e.g.
  • Nurses Non-Slip Shoes
  • Aprons

Other Common Work-Related Expenses

  • Registrations Fees
  • Union or Membership Fees
  • FOB Watches and battery replacements
  • Stationery
  • Subscriptions/Journals that will improve or maintain your skills within your current role
  • Mobile phone*

*Keep a one month logbook of the personal and business use to apportion the work use at tax time.

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