Tax Tips for Bank Workers

Boost your tax refund with these tax deductions...

Tax Tips Bankers may be able to claim on their online income tax return

Uniforms & Laundry
You can claim the cost of purchasing, washing, and mending your uniforms as long as they have your employer’s logo permanently attached (these may include shirts, skirts, pants, ties & scarves)

You can also claim the cost of dry cleaning your uniforms, make sure you keep your receipts. 

You cannot claim ordinary black pants, skirts, or shoes.

Car Expenses
You can claim work-related travel e.g. from one branch to another branch for a meeting, visiting clients etc. 

You can also claim car expenses for travelling from one job directly to a second job. 

Home to work travel is not tax deductible. 

Keep receipts for any Parking & Toll expenses that you may have incurred while travelling or parking for work-related purposes (this does not include parking or travelling to your regular branch).

Keep a diary tracking your kilometres. If you think you will go over 5,000kms keep a 12-week consecutive logbook and receipts for any car expenses e.g. Rego & Insurance, Repairs, Fuel etc. 


If you’re required to attend training courses or seminars that are directly related to your work, and you haven’t been reimbursed, you can claim the cost of the course and travel. You can also claim accommodation and meal expenses if you’re required to stay overnight. 

Tools & Equipment
These may include: 

Mobile Phones
Headsets & Webcams (for virtual calls)

If the expense is under $300, you can claim it outright.
If the expense is over $300, you’ll need to spread the expense over a few years.

Don’t worry – we do all the maths for this, all you need is the date you bought the item and how much was spent. 

Other Work-Related Expenses
You may also be able to claim the following expenses:

  • Tax Agent Fees

  • Union Fees

  • Mobile Phone and/or Internet use (Keep a one-month logbook tracking your work calls and work use) 

  • Stationery or Diaries

Need logbooks? All of our logbooks come with instructions and the calculations required to work out your work use percentage! You can find these inside your tax return.

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