Choosing a Tax Agent

How to choose a Tax Agent?

Choosing a Tax agent for your tax return is important, you want to ensure you're finding someone who is smart and you can also build a rapport with.


Well you start off with good looks, well dressed, a sense of humour and a great big HAPPY smile, add a touch of empathy and a smidgen of political correctness, stir in a big pot.  Add a carrot and large onion – heat to 180 for 30 minutes and there you have it, a commercially competent Tax Agent.  After all that, except for the carrot and the onion, that’s just not us.

Sorry to disappoint you. 

We fit the stereo typical BORING type.  Before they join us, we psych test them.  All the exciting ones are put in the too hard basket.  We’re chasing specific characteristics that makes sure you get the tax deductions you need and the tax deductions you deserve.  What are those characteristics?  Well I’m glad you asked.  They must not have a personality and must generally be boring.  Even our recruitment ads suggest…… ”If you have a personality then just don’t apply”, just ask Scott, he just managed to scrape through.

Boring accountants and boring tax agents are the cream of the recruitment pool.  Just ask yourself….

  • Who is going to sit in the corner and plough through 6,000 pages of tax legislation?
  • Who is going to sit in the corner and get excited at 6,000 pages of tax legislation?
  • Who is going to get excited and can’t sleep the night before the budget is handed down?
  • Who is going to wade through all that and look for all those hidden deductions?
  • Who waits around waiting for the next superman movie, not for the action but to see the latest trend in Clark Kent’s glasses?

Well if you answered “Me”, then we need you.

So, forget the fluff and the thrills, all Gotax tax staff and tax advisors are extremely well read, extremely well credentialled (that means tax smart) and more importantly extremely boring.  And if you manage to bump into a smiling Tax Agent, you may consider using the crucifix.

Welcome to our boring business and the greatest tax experience on the planet.

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