Doing your tax return online

Easy Online Tax Returns

Doing you tax return online is not only convenient, but with Gotax, it's easy and affordable.

Smart tax websites like GoTax, specifically target your user experience by using your occupation as the starting point.  We do that as it’s familiar territory for you and allows us to add some intelligence to our system that eliminates other aspects of complex tax law that won’t apply to you.  The end result is just a simple tax return system that most people can easily complete with very little assistance.  We actually say it’s so simple that a monkey can use it.

There’s an art to making it simple, an art that seems to have been lost by others, it means we dig deep, deep through our extensive tax experience.  We take the time and lots of effort to collect the data, the tax data that applies to your occupation.  We take the time to learn a little about your industry.  We take the time to see which parts of those 6000 pages of Income tax Law applies to you.  And then we take the time to find the common tax deductions that you can claim and the not so common tax deductions that could apply to you in certain situations.   All packaged in simple enough tax terms that you can understand.  This gives you a guiding light, so you don’t miss any tax deductions.

Our focus is always about education.  Becoming tax smart makes you aware of what could be tax deductible as you go about your day to day work lives.  It easier to collect the data for claiming a tax deduction as it occurs rather than the usual hindsight we always seem to have six months later.  Our tax deduction app, the GoTax “Tax Deduction Grabber” is available to users of our online tax system.

We also back all that up with our ever-evolving tax videos and blogs which are designed (albeit crudely) to inform you on current tax issues and tax deductions that effect you.  So, stay tuned to an exciting array of hot tax topics for your viewing pleasure.  All of our tax videos are hosted by future Hollywood stars (not really, but we’d like to think so).

Security for online tax return systems is as good as it gets.  The Australia Taxation Office has a rigorous compliance system for certification in the online tax world.  We need to jump many hoops to achieve that Tax Office certification.

And of course, we are Covid free.  No chance of catching anything from the safety of your own keyboard.

Enjoy our online Gotax return system, it is easy and informative.