Tax Tips for Receptionists

Pencil in these tax deductions for tax time!

Tax Tips Receptionists may be able to claim on their online income tax return

Motor Vehicle Expenses​

You can claim a tax deduction for your motor vehicle if:

  • You are driving from your workplace to another workplace (e.g. attending a meeting, to collect mail from the post office, office supply runs, banking etc.)
  • You are driving between separate workplaces (e.g. to a second job)

*to claim your car expenses you need to keep a 12 week consecutive logbook to work out your work-related percentage, or you need to keep a record of the kilometres travelled to claim using the cents per kilometre method.

Phone, Internet & Home Office​

  • If you need to use phone for work, you can claim the work use %.
  • If you need to use your internet for work, you can claim the work use %.
  • If you need to take work home with you, and work from a designated office, you can claim the home office running expenses.

*Keep a one month logbook tracking your usage to claim these expenses as a tax deduction.

Uniforms & Laundry

  • If you have to wear a uniform for work that has your boss’ logo attached, you can claim the cost of purchasing your uniforms and also washing your uniforms.
  • You can claim laundry for washing any work tea towels/handtowels.


  • If you complete any training or courses directly related to your current role, you can claim the training/course costs.
  • You can also claim Travel, Accommodation, Textbooks/Manuals, Computers, Equipment & Stationery related to the course.

Other Common Work-Related Expenses

  • Computers & Laptops*
  • Stationery e.g. Pencils, books, pens, diaries etc.
  • Union & Professional Association Fees
  • Personal Superannuation Contributions

*Computers, Laptops or Equipment that cost over $300 will have to spread the tax deduction over a few years.

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