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Tax Deadline | 2023 Gotax

October 11, 2023

The Deadline to get your tax done is just around the corner

Tax Deadline

The usual ATO scare campaign always unfolds around this time of the year so take notice.... your Income Tax Return is due by the 31st October.  And this year that's a Tuesday.

Gotax, anywhere, anytime

So if you're one of the millions that haven't filed their returns yet the it's time to hop onto gotax.com.au and get it done.  Remember, we are an anywhere, anytime service that enables you to get your return done at 2am in Antarctica if need be.  

The Scary Bit

And the scary bit, unless your with a tax agent already, then the late lodgement fine is $313 and increases by $313 every 28 days until you hit the magical number of $1565, which is the maximum amount you can be fined.  

Thanks for tuning in.

Mr G Tax

and don't let your refund get chewed up by those big, fat ugly penalties.

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