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May 9, 2023

Are my Meals for work a tax deduction.

As a general rule the answer is no.  There is no tax deduction for the cost of food, drinks or snacks that you choose to consume doing work during your normal working hours.

Oh but if I don't eat at work I'll starve and won't be able to work.  That's true but in the same way if you don't eat when you're not at work you'll starve as well.  That meal cost is a life cost, that is a normal cost to be privileged enough to live on this planet.  Therefore fails the first test of deductibility and that is whether it is necessary to incur the cost to do your job...  answer no.

When can you claim meals as a tax deduction?

When overtime or travel are involved

Overtime meal costs can be claimed if you buy and eat the meal while you are doing overtime work AND you receive an overtime meal allowance.

And when travelling overnight to undertake your work duties, the cost of meals and sustenance are tax deductible.


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