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May 10, 2023

Using Gotax Online to complete your Tax return has advantages

  1. Convenience: Gotax Online tax returns allows you to complete your tax return anytime and from anywhere.  No need to make an appointment with a tax agent saving time, effort and money. 

  2. Faster processing: Using Gotax Online allows quicker processing and is generally faster compared to making appointments or using more complex online systems. Our automated process prompts you along the way making it easy to complete your income tax return and Chat systems allow you to get your questions answered in real time. 

  3. Greater accuracy: The Gotax Online system includes built-in error checks and validations, reducing the likelihood of mistakes or missing information on your tax return. Then your Income Tax Return is checked by supremely qualified accountants to ensure your return is accurate before lodgement.

  4. Access to tax resources: The Gotax Online tax system provides access to a range of helpful resources, such as tax calculators, guides, hints and simple explanations of tax rules. This will help you maximise your deductions and educate you in the process so you are more aware of future deductions that apply to you.  This coupled with Gotax's "Deduction Grabber" App will make sure to capture all those deductions through out the year and save them for tax time.

  5. Electronic confirmation and tracking: Gotax files your Income Tax Return electronically, you receive a confirmation that your return has been successfully submitted. This gives you peace of mind that your refund is on its way to being processed by the Australian Taxation Office and soon will be in your back pocket.

  6. Etax options for those more involved returns: Gotax Online offers specialised options for various tax situations, such as self-employment income, rental properties, or investment income. Gotax tools make the process easy for taxpayers with more complex tax situations.

  7. Security and data protection: Gotax online employs advanced encrypted security measures, approved by the Australian Taxation Office, to protect your personal and financial information. Encryption and secure transmission protocols help safeguard your data, providing a very secure option and peace of mind.

  8. Availability of electronic records: With Gotax online, your tax return is electronically stored making future accessibility easy. This makes it easier to retrieve and refer to your past tax records when needed, without the need to keep physical copies.

Gotax online is a trusted and secure software system that will check your return to ensure that your information is accurate and reliable avoiding potential issues with your tax return.

Start your Income Tax Return now..  gotax.com.au

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