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May 9, 2023

In an insane world we thought we'd bring you some insane attempts at insane tax deductions.

Now that's just Insane!

We Aussies have always had a bit of a reputation as a crazy mob.  We can even appear unpredictable to the outside world.  And yet we wear that with a bit of pride.  The freedom our country provides fuels our creativity which makes us leaders in various fields, but with freedom comes the right to be nuts, even with tax deductions.  

Here are some Nutso, Crazy Tax deductions that show this country was built on the back of a looney toons cartoon (and that's a good thing).  So read them with pride, and stay clear of thinking that it's valid tax advise.

Pets and tax deductions

Many a time we have been confronted with the client that has the "guard dog to protect the business assets" only to find a Chihuahua clone nipping at your heals.  Unless your dog is a certified trained guard dog, and you actually have a reason for that level of security, then no.... there's no tax deductions for vet bills and dog food.

The colourful job description and tax deductions

Just sprucing up your job title doesn't change the character of your tax deductions.  For instance an "entertainment consultant" will struggle with claiming video games and streaming services when in fact they are a checkout worker at an electronics retailer.

Travel as a tax deductible donation

Travel was always a popular claim in the house rental business but claiming travel to Cairns to donate blood as a tax deductible donation was stretching it a tad.

Tax deductible cosmetic surgery

The idea that Cosmetic Surgery is tax deductible usually comes from the notion that you need to look hot to do your job.  Well life doesn't quite work like that and looking cold for your job will probably produce the same result.

Claiming expenses when your income doesn't exist

Another red flag are those that receive cash income.  They don't declare the Income yet still attempt to claim all the expenses associated with that income.  That's a big no on a couple of fronts.

So getting creative or changing words wrapped up to look like something else might create a good story at the pub, but just won't cut it in the real world.

And don't forget to list down and keep all those tax deductible expenses.  Whether tax deductible or not, keep them all and ask us at year end.  And the best way to do that is to download the amazing, the stupendous, the sexy....  GoTax Deduction Grabber App .... Scan the QR code and start the year right.....

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