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Meal and Travel Allowances | 2024 Gotax

January 17, 2024

Find out the ATO Rates for 23/24 for Meals and Travel

The information below sets out the reasonable amounts for the substantiation exception for the 2023–24 income year in relation to claims made by employees for overtime meal expenses, domestic travel expenses, and overseas travel expenses.  That means these are allowances that can be claimed without receipt documentation (other diary documentation may be required).

For meals for 2023/24 ....

Expense Type Reasonable Amount
Overtime meal expenses $35.65
Employee truck driver’s meals (domestic travel) - Breakfast $28.75
Employee truck driver’s meals (domestic travel) - Lunch $32.80
Employee truck driver’s meals (domestic travel) - Dinner $56.60

For domestic travel expenses for 2023-24 ....

Employee’s Annual Salary $138,790 or less $138,791 to $247,020 $247,021 or more
Breakfast $28.75 $32.80 $56.60
Lunch $28.75 $32.80 $56.60
Dinner $28.75 $32.80 $56.60
Incidentals per day $20.45 $23.55 $40.70

These amounts are for domestic travel expenses for accommodation, food and drink, and incidentals when travelling away from home overnight for work. The reasonable amounts vary depending on the employee’s annual salary. 

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Meal and travel 23/24

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