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Here is an expanded list of ten Australian-based articles that are highly semantically relevant to doing your 2023 income tax return:

  1. “Tax return for individuals 2023 | Australian Taxation Office”
  2. “What’s new this year? 2023 | Australian Taxation Office”
  3. “Tax return 2023: The changes that will affect your personal 2022-23 tax return, including the end of the LMITO and changing work-from-home deductions”
  4. “Individual tax return instructions 2023 | Australian Taxation Office”
  5. “Why is my tax return refund so low this year? What can I claim? And why you shouldn’t rush to lodge your tax return - ABC News”
  6. “2023 Federal Budget Tax Updates | H&R Block Australia”
  7. “2023 TAX RETURNS AND REFUNDS - ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre”
  8. “Tax return for individuals (supplementary section) 2023”
  9. “Tax return | Australian Taxation Office”
  10. “What’s new this year? 2023 | Australian Taxation Office”

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Top 5 Tax Videos | 2023 Gotax


What is a tax deduction?


Why Tax Deductions aren't always the best thing to have?


Top 5 Tax Mistakes





draft Includions

Transport costs tax return


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Rentals to do

Second-Hand Depreciating Assets and Rental Properties

Second-hand depreciating assets are items that can lose value over time and are used in a rental property.

These can include things like flooring, air conditioners, and washing machines. Since 1 July 2017, you can’t claim the decline in value of these assets on their taxes unless the property is used for a business, they are an excluded entity, or the property was rented out before this date. There are some exceptions to this rule. You can find more information about this in the 2023 Rental properties guide.


Rental Properties Guide









Understanding Depreciation







Capital gains tax on the sales of shares and units

With 75% of investors holding shares and other on-exchange investments, our fact sheet can help guide conversations with clients who are thinking about selling.


Claiming shoes | 2023 Gotax

Can you claim shoes on tax in Australia?

Shoes, socks and stockings are generally not deductible. In limited circumstances, you can claim a deduction for shoes, socks and stockings if: they are an essential part of a distinctive compulsory uniform.

Claim your lunch | 2023 Gotax

With limited exceptions relating to travel and overtime, the cost of food and drink is private and not deductible.