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Gotax Online | Individual Tax Returns

June 13, 2022

With years and years of taxation experience from the very best tax returns to the very worst, GoTax has decided that it’s time for a change.

*Drum Roll* Introducing……...

GoTax Online!!!

Welcome to Gotax Online. Complete your online income tax return quickly and easily and get the best tax refund possible.

We have taken our years and years of experience within the interview rooms and created an affordable Tax Return that you can do yourself with complete confidence online. 

No more tax confusion

We know that the even the most basic tax terms used by the ATO are confusing (WTF is depreciation?!) we also know that Tax Returns are just plain old BORING! So, we have taken the confusion out of the tax return, and give you these tax terms in real talk, talk that you will understand.

We’ve also tried to be funny by injecting a little bit of humour into your tax return, keep an eye out for the "funny" tax jokes!

Get your tax return started with just a few clicks

With just a few clicks and a few details, you’ll be well on your way to finishing your Individual tax return.

To speed up the process have all your tax info ready to go, choose one of our Quick Start Occupations or hit Start Now to begin.

We will ask you a few questions about what you do for work, to begin with, tell you the most common tax deductions people who are in the same occupation generally claim, then you can begin! 

Get the deductions you deserve

Our goal at GoTax is to make the process of completing your Individual tax return as simple and easy possible without the stress or confusion that usually comes with completing your tax return on your own or online.

If you are lost or confused while doing your Tax Return with GoTax,
then we have done something wrong!

So, we’ll ask you all the important questions,  do the backend work to ensure that you’ll claim all the deductions you’re entitled to AND get you back the big healthy refund you deserve.

If at any point you need to STOP, you can log out and then pick up where you left off later.

How do you pay for your fees?

You can pay for our affordable flat rate fees by Credit Card or you can have the fee taken from your refund (an additional admin fee for 'Fee from Refund' will be applied). 


Get as much cash as you can, as quick as you can and be guided by experts

Check out our GoTax Simple, Easy & Fun etax system now! 

Start your online tax return now

Note that the information provided is general in nature and subject to change, please contact one of our professionals who can evaluate your circumstances and provide more accurate advice to your current situation.

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