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Golden Tax Return Rules

July 16, 2023

The Golden Rules on Income Tax Returns

Golden Tax Return Rules

Let’s start with the Golden Rules for our first timers…

Always remember the Golden Rules

Golden Rule #1

If you have to spend money to do your job, then keep the receipt!!!

Claiming tax deductions without receipts is limited to $300, unless you embark on a journey of desception, and the consequences of that can be costly.  So KEEP your receipts.  And we know they can be lost, thrown out, or gobbled up by your glove box; so we have the perfect solution ....  just scan this QR code and you can retain all those docs for tax time... it's easy with the gotax "Deduction Grabber" App

Deduction Grabber

For more information go to our Deduction Grabber page.

Golden Rule #2

Use diaries or logbooks to record car, study, home expenses, phone and internet usage.  Using diaries will develop a pattern of usage that can be calculated as a percentage.  Then that percentage can be applied against the whole cost of the particular expense.  You'll be surprised how it all adds up to nice juicy tax deductions.

And Guess what....  I know, you guest it... the Deduction Grabber App has the diaries to make that happen.

Golden Rule #3

If you don’t know then ask!  It costs nothing to ask a question. If you can’t ask now, write it down for later.

Remember the old school days where we used to sit at the back of the class for fear of being asked a question?  Well you're all grown up now, having some Tax Knowhow will make you more aware, that means more tax deductions and more tax refunds for you.

Golden Rule #4

Use GoTax Online, because we’re actually great at what we do.  And our fee is tax deductible – yippee! (Well, unless it’s your first time… because your first time is FREE)

So you can head there now and check us out...  https://gotax.com.au

Golden Rule #5

That’s enough Golden Rules for one day. So Golden Rule #5 is to look at Lemon Rule #1 ( a future tax release)

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Start yours now! 

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Note that the information provided is general in nature and subject to change, please contact one of our professionals who can evaluate your circumstances and provide more accurate advice to your current situation.

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