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May 9, 2023

Entertainment and your Tax Return

Now from time to time we go to work functions, have a meal with a client, have a meal with a work mate or even treat the boss (that would be rare).  And all that is done in the course of your employment.

So tax deductible right?

Ordinarily the answer would be yes as there can be in specific situations a connection between earning your income and spending money on this.


And there always seems to be an "However".  There's this sneaky piece of Income Tax legislation that just says "NO" to this type of expense.  So don't even try to claim this as an Income Tax Deduction it's a black and white big fat "NO", not even a shade of grey on this tax deduction.

Now don't forget to keep all your receipts and the best way to do that and record any car mileage is....... (drum role)

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