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Does Gotax do 24 hour Refunds? | Gotax

May 29, 2024

Gotax does not do 24 or 48 hour refunds.

Gotax has a pricing structure that is cheap compared to most other Taxation Return providers.  We try and offer the market place a comprehensive and professional service at the cheapest possible price.

We rely on the Tax Office Refund Processing System to deliver your tax refund in the shortest amount of time possible.  This is usually 10 working days, but quite often your tax refund can come in quicker than that.

Taking your fees out of your tax refund also adds time to the length of time your money comes through.  So use the card option to make your payment.

24 hour tax refundsUsing a 24 or 48 hour service is a VERY EXPENSIVE exercise. 

  1. It's effectively a funding arrangement in which the money if funded (at a cost) and then repaid with the proceeds when your refund comes through.
  2. It can cost you anywhere from an extra $100 to hundreds of extra.
  3. It goes against the Gotax philosophy to charge these amounts for something your going to receive by waiting an extra week or so.
  4. And it doesn't make good FINANCIAL SENSE to be paying the extra just to get your refund a few days earlier.

Think of what extra you can buy by saving the money.

So get the best priced option in the market place with Gotax.

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