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July 16, 2023

What can I claim with Covid 19 costs?

Covid tax deductions

If you had to spend some of your hard-earned money on buying RAT tests so you could keep working during Covid you can claim these costs in your income tax return.  This goes for cleaning supplies, masks and sanitiser too.  All those can be tax deductible.  So at least there is something good to get out of spending your own cash to shove something so far up your nose it touches your brain.

You can also claim working from home if you were lucky enough to have that option.  You can either claim the number of hours you worked at home (at the rate of 80 cents per hour) or you can claim the stuff that you had to pay for such as a percentage of internet and phone, computer equipment, stationery, office furniture and electricity.  If you go with the 80 cents per hour rate then you can’t claim tax deductions from other working from home costs. 


The 80 cent tax rate includes all costs associated with you working from home.  This rate is determined by the Australian Taxation office and includes all tax deductible expenses involved with you working from home.  With this ATO rate method you only require a tax log to determine the number of hours you worked from home.  You do not need to keep the tax receipts involved in the various expenses. 

If you intend to claim a tax deduction for the things you paid for (that is NOT using the Rate per hour method), then make sure you keep the tax receipts and tax logbooks.

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