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Can I claim Netflix | 2023 Gotax

June 18, 2024

Understanding Tax Deductions for Netflix in Australia

In the context of the Australian Taxation System, it’s important to understand what expenses can be claimed as tax deductions. Unfortunately, the cost of pay television or streaming services such as Netflix is considered a private expense. Therefore, you cannot claim Netflix as a tax deduction.

Record Keeping with Deduction Grabber

However, there are many other work-related expenses that you can claim. To ensure you’re not missing out on any potential deductions, it’s crucial to keep accurate records of your income and expenses. This is where the Deduction Grabber app comes in handy.

The Deduction Grabber app is a free tool designed to help you record your tax-deductible work expenses. All you need to do is snap a photo of your tax receipts and record your expenses as soon as you make them. The app also includes an ATO compliant tax Motor Vehicle Logbook, making it easier to record your tax-deductible work trips.

By using Deduction Grabber, you can ensure that you’re claiming all eligible deductions and getting the maximum possible refund. Remember, every dollar counts when it comes to your hard-earned money!

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