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2024 Tax Season Dates | Gotax Online

May 29, 2024

What are the 2024 Tax Season Dates.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) will not start to process 2024 Income Tax Returns until the 1st July 2024.

The ATO has also reminded lodgers that it's prefill system will not reflect all data at least until the 15th July 2024.  They have also stated that information from Banks and investment Institutions may take some time beyond that.

So their advise is to wait, at least until well into July before you lodge your 2024 Income Tax return.  That way you'll have a lesser chance of omitting any income and potentially incurring the consequences of that.

At Gotax we will be up and going with our 2024 tax system sometime in the week beginning June 17th. 

2024 Tax return starting dateThat is the anticipated approval timeline from the ATO.

From that date you can access Gotax to enable completion of your 2024 Income Tax Return.  To undertake an Income Tax Return at such an early time (before 1 July) and for it to be lodged will require that you have all your Income and expense information on you and not reliant on the ATO prefill system.

And remember that the ATO will NOT start to process Income Tax Returns until the 1st of July. 

So if you think you are jumping the queue and getting in early, with the risk of missing something, then think again.  Any lodgements before 1st of July will have to wait until the ATO turns it's systems on - on the 1st July.

Gotax provides the easiest online tax system there is.  And now powered by TaxAi, will be able to answer all those tricky questions you have.

Lodge with Gotax, anytime anywhere, simple is best.

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