myGov Tax returns

The Mission of the Australian Taxation Office is..... "drum roll"

"The ATO's purpose is to contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians by fostering willing participation in the tax and superannuation systems. We are a leading tax and superannuation administration known for our contemporary service, expertise, and integrity".

And to foster that relationship for you to "willingly participate" in the Australian Taxation System they have created the myGov portal that contains all your secret information. A one-stop place that makes it easy to access many, many government services.

That one-stop shop allows you to constantly interact with the site, and in doing so you become familiar with the way it works. That familiarity breeds complacency.
That complacency results in "ATO profits".

Don't be fooled, the ATO's historical function is to simply raise the funds necessary to power the Australian economy. By giving YOU, the taxpayer, a nice, simple, familiar website to QUICKLY get your tax done you are raising funds for the ATO. And they do it for no charge or so you think. By not getting all the tax deductions you're legally entitled to is effectively the payment

You have to ask yourself WHY the government is encroaching on what would normally be considered a commercial business. Subjectively, the reason is, to save money. The ATO wants you to use their site so you won't claim the deductions you would otherwise be entitled to. Ignorance is bliss, not being aware will certainly result in more government collections and less money in the hands of taxpayers. Ever been to court without representation?, the judge will advise you that it's a bad idea. Why?, because the average person doesn't know how the legal system works and therefore you'll be at a disadvantage.

That was the most fun I've ever had lodging my tax return (I'm serious!) Easy to follow, I enjoyed the fun quirks to each step, and it was super simple to understand. Thank you to the Gotax team, I'll be using your online service again next tax season!

- Ashleigh (Employment Consultant)

By doing your return online with myGov is akin to undertaking a legal transaction without representation. myGov is not designed to tell you all the deductions you're entitled to. By not seeking independent advice you and many like you are and donating extra money to the government above and beyond what you need to.

The bottom line is that the ATO collects money from people like you. They are the wolves in sheep's clothing, they are not created to get you a better tax refund.

How can you lodge an Income Tax Return without an independent perspective reviewing it? Gotax bridges that gap, that's our job, to make sure you are informed, and you can get the tax refund you are entitled to.