Instant Tax Refund

Are you NUTS!!!

How would you feel about getting 30 free pizza’s, or two cases of wine or 5 free tanks of fuel, or even a naughty weekend away???

That’s the real cost of getting your refund NOW!

Instant Tax Refunds are a Con!

They pray on people that think they need their refund now, and when you see advertisements for ‘instant tax refunds’ or ‘online tax refunds’ they can tend to draw you in. But guess what? Instant tax refunds don’t exist!

Same day tax refunds or one-hour refunds are a sham and here’s why.

Why the hurry? Most tax refunds are usually issued within a week of lodgement.

Income Tax Refund

Why the hurry? Most tax refunds are usually issued within a week of lodgement.

Same day instant tax refunds or one-hour refunds aren’t actually tax refunds, they are a high interest loan that can take a big dent out of your wallet, we’re talking up to, if not more, than 20%. And the money grab doesn’t stop there, you’re also paying unnecessarily high tax agent fees for the pleasure of the ‘instant refund’.

Here’s an example of how crap an instant tax refund can be.

“You really need your refund now to buy the latest Xbox-Z”

You do your tax return with a same day refund company, and you’re estimated refund is $1,500 – you simply can’t wait, you really want to get that Xbox NOW, so you get $1,000 on the spot! Woo hoo!

To get that $1,000 on the spot you had to pay a mint in fees which equated to around $300, but that’s no skin off your nose – your refund will cover it later and GUESS WHAT?! You got the brand new, you beaut Xbox -Z!

But uh oh … something has happened… your whole refund has been taken by child support!

So, what happens now?

Well – that instant tax refund wasn’t a refund at all, it was a loan!

And now, you owe not only $1,000 for the loan, but you also owe $300 in fees.

Uh oh... the fun doesn’t stop there…

You can’t afford to pay back the $1,300! So, you have no choice but to set up a payment plan with the loan provider and GUESS WHAT?!

In the very fine print of your agreement there is a little clause that says if you have to repay the fees, you’ll be charged 6% interest on top of your $1,000 loan. That’s an extra $60 a month!

So, on top of paying back the $1,000 you also need to pay back an extra $60 a month, so

Your ‘instant tax refund’ has now turned into a very costly $1,900 mistake.

So what advice are we offering here?
Just wait the 7 days, it’s not worth the expensive tax agents’ fees and the risk of potentially paying back more than you were supposed to make in the first place.

Did you know we have ZERO delay tax returns?

If your tax return is hunky-dory and we don’t need to talk to you about it, we will lodge it IMMEDIATELY after it’s reviewed.

Our extremely popular online income tax return can be completed in just minutes, and in our experience most of our customers get their tax refund back within a week of lodgement.

With our affordable price and quick turn around time, why would you waste money elsewhere?