About Us

After years and years and years of handling tax returns, we've decided to give Australians an option to confidently handle their tax return online with a simple yet comprehensive approach that takes the complexity out of the tax laws and those very confusing tax returns.

Most online tax systems replicate the Tax Return document and all the tax jargon that goes with it And if you've ever sat down and gone through the official tax return and that really thick explanation document you'll know what we mean. GoTax ditched all that.

GoTax has reimagined a simple tax return that actually contains human speak, simple guidance and tax support. You'll come away better for the experience, GoTax does make it easy. GoTax does make it simple. And GoTax tries very hard to make it fun.

The GoTax approach to your Income Tax Return is different. GoTax has taken a targeted approach. That is, we start by targeting your occupation. Then we work out all the tax deductions that apply to that occupation (in 99% of cases). And we at GoTax do all that simply. easily and cheaply.

It’s been our profession for thirty years so we totally understand how damn boring it can be. So, we've injected a little bit of fun along the way, hopefully taking the edge off the whole process. Simply step through our etax tax return process, and you'll find it the easiest etax tax return on the marketplace today. And we've organised things to make sure you get all the deductions you are entitled to.

And if you have any questions we are only a chat away. Then GoTax will check your return to make sure it all looks good, that you are getting your deductions and that you are not making any silly claims that could get you into trouble.

The GoTax website goes through rigourous scrutiny. We are Registered Tax Agents, Chartered Accountants, and Certified Practicing Accountants and well versed in all tax matters affecting individuals and small businesses. We can even assist you if you are looking to go into business. And have no fear we are always here to help in the unlikely event that you get stuck.