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We understand that tax laws can be complex and you need to get it right the first time. You need to be able to get all the deductions you're entitled to and you need to be able to do that quickly and easily.

Why is it just soooo easy to use GoTax

GoTax has taken the tax accountant interview process and turned it into an easy to use, fun tax online experience. 

We've taken all the big tax words out and thrown them in the bin.

We've simplified that really complicated income tax return and turned it into a really simple tax return online.

We just ask you simple questions to make sure you get all the tax deductions you can so you get a nice tax refund. 

All the hard stuff is done behind the scenes, so we don't overload your brain, we use our brain instead.

We know what deductions apply to your job, making your tax return online really simple.

The GoTax brain works out which tax deductions and tax credits you are entitled to. 

We even give you some technical tax speak and dumb it down in such a way that you'll start to think you're an online tax expert.

We've even created heaps of online tax help thingies, like "Tips", "Red Alerts" with logbooks to download to help you out. 

And we throw in the odd joke (some are bad) to help liven up the tax online process and hopefully put a bit of a smile on your dial.

What do I need to get started?

Your tax return online can start with a few clicks.

All you need to kick things off is to sign up with your name and tax file number. 

We can get all of your information from the Australian Taxation Office. 

We then ask you questions and guide you through the tax deduction mine field.   

It would be handy to have all your expenses and receipts on hand then just enter the numbers as we guide you through the etax, tax online process.

You can STOP and come back later at any time you like, so remember your log in details.

Your information will be saved to re-start at a later time from anywhere on the planet.

Is GoTax right for me?

Of course it is.  GoTax is Australia's easiest tax return online service.

A lot of brain power has gone into the simplification of Australia's Tax Return system. 

Did you know that the Tax Act runs for more the 3000 pages?  And that's 3000 pages of words, no pictures.  So, it makes it hard going to read.

We make your online tax experience "pleasurable", if there is sure a thing.  Imagine that, having a pleasurabletax return online experience, now I'll bet you thought that that couldn't exist?

We've set it up to ask the right questions in a tax easy way.

We will get the tax information necessary to do your tax return online properly the very first time. 

We will also guide you for the future by providing tax insights, log books and general tax information to maximise your taxation experience.

So, there you go, doing your tax return online the GoTax way is definitely right for you!!

How does GoTax know which questions to ask?

Because we are smart.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of years of doing this makes us pretty shit hot at what we do.  

We've taken all that Brain power added a bit of program code, smothered it with some of that smart stuff and created a smart tax return online experience.

An experience we know you'll enjoy (where you can, after all it is about tax - BORING).

And over all those lots of years I can pretty much say we've touched on just about all the occupations you'll find in this country.

That means your Income Tax Return will not only have the tender loving care that we provide but also comes with a fair dose of SMARTS.

Tax Returns Online, Gotax will make you look smart.

I live offshore can I still do my tax return with GoTax?

From Vladivostok, to London, to New York to Johannesburg and all the bits in between, we've got you covered. 

With a computer and the internet we can make you feel like you're right back home with our Aussie charm, smile and sense of humour.

Doing your tax return online with GoTax will ensure you don't have any concerns when you come back home.

You will find GoTax will provide all expats with a simple and easy to use online tax preparation system complete with online tax support for any of those unresolved questions you may have.

What if I have questions along the way.?

OMG you have Tax Questions!! - well we are prepared.

We expect you'll be asking questions along the way.

We've made GoTax pretty simple, in fact, Australia's easiest tax return online service, but don't stress if you can't figure something else.

From email to blogs to videos, to contact us, to chat systems; we've got you covered.  For our individual online Income Tax returns we assure you there is NO question that we cannot answer.

What if I make a mistake?

It would be a mistake if we couldn't fix a mistake.

The GoTax, tax return online system is pretty monkey proof.  We've allowed for mistakes so things are so flexible that they can be corrected easily.

You can correct any error, in your Income Tax return, that you make before it is time to lodge.  Not a problem, your tax return online will be correct at the time of lodgement, if not, message us.

Your Tax Return online also gets a once over by one of our tax guru's before it is turned over to the Tax Office.  And if we have any concerns with your Income Tax Return, we will contact you. 

Another notch to put your mind at ease.

Do I need a credit card to pay for GoTax?

The answer is "No".  You do not need a credit card to do your tax return online.  

We can easily deduct your fees from your refund, so you don't have to find the money first. 

You just need to know that it costs more to do it that way.  It involves extra handling from our end.

So the cheapest option to get your tax return online completed would be to pay by credit card.



Can I get my Tax Refund immediately?

Using GoTax with your Tax Return Online gives you the quickest path to your refund.

Gotax has direct communications with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that ensures there is no other quicker way to get your tax refund.

The ATO refund pipeline can run from 5 days to 14 days, or longer, if issues appear.

And the ATO advertised refund time is ten working days.

So what do we take away from all this?

You refund will be smooth sailing if there are no errors or issues with your return. 

The GoTax tax return online system is designed to make sure that happens.

No issues with GoTax and your income tax refund will be on time and on estimate.


You can complete and lodge your current year's tax return with us before the 1st July each year.  You just need to realise the crank handle that starts the ATO churning process doesn't generally kick in until around the 5th of July. 



What if I don't have a bank account?

You need a bank account for your refund to process.

If you don't have a bank account then it's a case of "tough luck".  


Can I deduct your fees from my refund?

Of course you can. 

As with any tax return online service, your fees can be deducted from your Tax Refund.

It makes it easy for you and can be done quite easily online when you complete your tax return on the GoTax website.

And we charge a little extra for that, much less than most in the marketplace.


Are we smart enough to do your tax return?

OMG are we smart?.  Is that even a question?  Yep, we're pretty knowledgeable with all things tax that'll get you the best tax refund from doing your tax return online.

From Chartered Accountancy to CPAs, to Public Accountants and of course Registered Tax Agents we have the qualifications to make sure you get the best refund.   

We back those qualifications up with years and years and years and years (OMG soooo many years) of experience. 

And that experience is "in the trenches" experience, good hard yards experience. 

We are more than a bunch of pretty faces (well maybe some of us, the pretty faces that is!). 

So all in all, you're in safe hands. 

Maximum refund?

That goes without saying. 

We've put together a smart system that transfers our skills, knowledge and brains into our tax return online platform. 

We even tried putting our personality on there, we struggled with that!

We've taken all the "big words" out, just so you can understand it. 

We've added information features based on your occupation to make sure you get all your deductions. 

We've taken years of experience and boxed it up to ensure your online tax return gets you your maximum refund.

And YOU get to benefit from all that.

Now don't you feel lucky?

What is eTax?

Apart from being the name of an evil competitor, eTax is a simple abbreviation for "electronic taxation". 

It just means doing your tax return online. 

Can you Trust doing your Tax Return on the Internet?

To even jump through the hoops to get Australian Tax Office approval you must have super dooper security.  

So, we have two factor authentication and AES Encryption and we must engage ISO 27001. 

So that means that lots and lots of effort have gone into protecting all the things about you that may be recorded.  And we don't go selling or giving your details to anyone.

Sit back, relax, take your shoes off your tax online experience will be a safe and secure one.



It's EASIER than you think!!

If you’ve never done your Income Tax return online before then it can be quite a daunting task.

Tax laws, understanding forms, what tax deductions are valid or even what is really a tax deduction.

You’ve been to a Tax Agent, you hand them a few bits of paper, they then ask what tax deductions do want to claim, they answer with a yes or no, they click away on the keyboard and it’s done. It’s taken them all of 10 min to complete your tax return and they make it look pretty easy.

You’ve phoned up to make an appointment, You’ve driven for 30 minutes to get there and back, you wait for another 20 minutes because they are behind, you see them for 10 minutes, part with $120 and get home and find out you missed MAFS.

Well in our tax online world it’s much, much easier than you think. The Tax agent you just visited was just going through the motions, in effect they were just using a system. And it’s that system that we’ve transferred into the GoTax brain to make your experience smooth, simple and easy.

We’ve done away with the tax forms that are designed to confuse you. We’ve taken out those complex bits of tax law that doesn’t apply to the average individual tax return. We’ve narrowed the focus to what most people need to do to create Australia’s simplest online tax site.

And it comes complete with “normal words” “chat help” “tips” “red alerts” and joke of the day.

Just review our testimonials and you’ll find that pretty close to everyone says, “it’s simple and easy to use”.

Gotax for your tax return online experience.

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