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July 16, 2023

I'm a little perplexed as to why the government has called it's online service "My Tax", but then again if you read between the lines "My Tax" probably means "the Government's Tax", they've just put a bit of a spin on it to make it sound like the GOVERNMENT is acting in your best interest to help you meet your tax obligations and to maximise your refund.

Well time out on this one... did you just say the government is trying to maximise your tax refund?.  Seriously!!, it's an oxymoron, with emphasize on the word "moron".  Because we all know deep down that the government has bills to pay, they have the might of the judicial system on their side and they will pursue every dollar they can, even at your expense.

To think that the Australian Taxation Office is out there to do you a favour, well in their mind they probably do think that, then you're misguided.  They do offer full disclosure on all their tax legislation and rulings and guidance.  The problem is, the population is not encrusted with people that can interpret these tax laws and tax rulings, in other words the "people" are largely ignorant to the complexities of the Australian Taxation System.

Now you need to ask a question...  To become a tax agent (someone that offers tax services) you generally need a degree at a recognised university and 8 years experience in taxation, commercial law with basic accounting principles.  So why is it that in order to become "an agent" with the Tax part of the government you need all those qualifications, yet this same branch of the government thinks that someone with next to zero tax experience can competently complete their own tax affairs?

Answer:  The government profits from what you don't know.  You could leave something out or even worse you may miss certain tax deductions you're entitled to.  They are profiting from population ignorance.  And it's businesses like GoTax and even eTax that assist people like you to maximise your refund without donating extra to the Government.

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