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May 13, 2023

Are Magazines a tax deduction?

The answer to this is obviously the type of magazines you are buying, why you are buying them and the relevance to your occupation.

If you've spent money subscribing to journals, periodicals or magazines who's content is specifically related to your job then yep, it's tax deductible.  

Note that is must be specific and not general in nature.  For instance getting a Women's Weekly that has a brief article on taxation doesn't make it a tax deduction to a Tax Accountant.  Subscribing to the magazine Tax Monthly does.

So a solid connection between your job and not only the magazines but the overall content of the magazine must be there in order for the expense to be Tax Deductible.

Tax deduction would also apply to the various forms of subscriptions, be it hard copy or digital, IF there is a connection to your work activities.


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