Golden Tax Return Rules

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Golden Tax Return Rules

June 22, 2020

Golden Tax Return Rules

Let’s start with the Golden Rules for our first timers…

Always remember the Golden Rules

Golden Rule #1

If you have to spend money to do your job, then keep the receipt!!!

Golden Rule #2

Use diaries or logbooks to record car, study, home expenses, phone and internet usage

Golden Rule #3

If you don’t know then ask!  It costs nothing to ask a question. If you can’t ask now, write it down for later.

Golden Rule #4

Use GoTax Online, because we’re actually great at what we do.  And our fee is tax deductible – yippee! (Well, unless it’s your first time… because your first time is FREE)

Golden Rule #5

That’s enough Golden Rules for one day. So Golden Rule #5 is to look at Lemon Rule #1.

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