Contractor Tax Online

Contractor Pricing

  • Your Contractor tax return includes all the other aspects of the tax return, salary & wages, all other income coupled with employment expenses and offsets.
  • The price for a complete tax return including your Contractor Schedule is $120.
  • Your Contractor Tax Return accounts for all things for your contracting, including depreciation and we have simplified the depreciation to make it easy for all.
If you use eCashbooks.com.au Contractor Cashbook you can import your data to complete your tax return.

Steps are easy

  • Answer a few questions to determine if you are a “True” contractor
  • Select the Industry you contract into
  • Add in your Income (be careful if you’re GST registered)
  • Add in all your expenses (be careful if you’re GST registered)
  • Go through the schedules to handle your depreciation
  • Add your vehicle and tools and equipment
  • View your results then proceed onto the rest of your Tax Return

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