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Quick and Easy returns

Why pay full price when you just want a quickie. The FASTEST tax return in all of Australia, the Quick and Easy allows you to quickly claim simple yet common employment expenses. And the Price........


Yep, you heard me .... Just TEN BUCKS

And the Tax Deductions under our El Cheapo plan,

  • Uniforms
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Tax Agent Fees

And as a bonus you get the creative genius of GoTax's soon to be famous website and a bit of humour thrown in. And... there's more.... You get access to our Tax Blog and our (soon to be famous) movie star styled Tax videos on topical tax issues.

Tax Blogs
Tax Videos
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If you're a little short on the day you can get you tax return done and
have our fees taken out of your Tax refund for an additional $27.


And guess what? as a super doper bonus we throw in our years of experience, yes we're old,
and go over your return to make sure you haven't missed anything and it's all good to go.

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