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Contractor Tax Returns $120!

Easy Online Contractor Tax Returns

We have taken the hard stuff out of the online tax return and created a simple and easy tax system for your Contracting work.

Start your Contractor Tax Return and have confidence in knowing you can do it yourself, simply, quickly and at an affordable price.

You can complete your tax return anywhere, and at any time if you get distracted you can log off and come back later.

If you have questions along the way, we have live chat support available to support you throughout the process.

Your tax return is checked by an experienced team of tax accountants before lodging.

Your Contractor Tax Return is affordable at $120 and the fees are tax deductible.

Contractor Man

Everything you need for your Contractor Tax Return is included:

  • Declare your income
  • Claim your contracting work expenses
  • Easily work out depreciation
  • Have your Contractor tax return thoroughly checked for missed opportunities by a tax accountant before it's lodged.

It's easy to do your own Contractor Tax Return

  • Answer a few questions to determine if you are a "True" contractor
  • Select the Industry you contract into
  • Add in your Income (be careful if you're GST registered)
  • Add in all your expenses (be careful if you're GST registered)
  • Go through the schedules to handle your depreciation
  • Add your vehicle and tools and equipment
  • View your results then proceed onto the rest of your Tax Return
Contractor Screen

Your Contractor Tax Return also includes all other features of your tax return including:

  • Employment Salary and Wages
  • All other income
  • Employment Expenses
  • Other items e.g. Private Health Insurance; and
  • Offsets

Our Contractors have found our Contractor Tax Return to be one of the best
"This made a subject like taxation a bit fun to do"

Join the fun and see how easy it is yourself