Rental Properties Pricing

  • Your Rental property tax return includes all the other aspects of the tax return, salary & wages, all other income coupled with employment expenses and offsets.
  • The price for a complete tax return including your rental property is $99.
  • If you have more than one rental property, the add on cost is $40 for each additional property. So, for a complete tax return and two rental properties the price will be $139. For ten rental properties it would be $99 for complete tax return and one rental plus an additional 9 properties at $40 each, $99 + (9 x 40) being $459.
  • Your Rental Tax Return accounts for all things rental, including depreciation and loan amortisation. We have simplified the depreciation aspects to enable you to easily select the asset type.
If you use eCashbooks.com.au rental cashbook you can import your data to complete your tax return.
Price starts at
$99 +
Rental Tax Return

Steps are easy

  • Simply Select the number of properties
  • Enter the property details including the data you first used it as a rental
  • Add your rental Income
  • Add all your expenses
  • Go through the schedules to handle your depreciation
  • View your results then proceed onto the rest of your Tax Return.

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