Individual Tax Deadline - October 31st

The October 31st Tax Deadline for Individuals is fast approaching! 

October Tax Return Deadline is on the 31st October. This is the time to get your tax return completed to ensure no lodgement penalties are applied.

But don't worry - there's no need to panic, because Gotax is here to help. 

We'll start with what you need to do to get started: 

1. Grab your Tax File Number and Select your occupation from the home page.
2. Sign up to our Fast & Easy Online Tax Return, we will autmatically pull your tax information direct from the ATO, so you don't need to try and figure out how to get into the Governments website to find it. 
3. Double check your income is correct, enter in your work expenses, a bit of other infomation then finish up the tax return. 

That's it! It's that easy and you'll complete your online tax return in minutes!

Our highly experienced tax accountants will then thoroughly check your tax return for missed opportunities and lodge it immediately before the tax due date. 





A few common questions we get asked: 

My boss told me that they don't hand out payment summaries anymore, can you get it for me?
Yep! Our technology talks direct to the ATO and pulls your Income Statements (payment summaries), bank interest, shares and private health into your tax return for you. 

How long does it take for you to lodge my tax return?
We check your tax return on the same day and if we don't have any questions, we lodge it immediately. 

Will I get fined for lodging my tax return after October 31st tax deadline?
It is a possibility, the ATO can issue late lodgement fines, penalties and interest if you lodge your tax return after the due date.

How much are the fines?
Fines start at $210 and increase from there...
1 to 28 days - $210
26 - 56 days - $420
57 - 84 days - $630
85 -112 days - $840
113+ days - $1,050

You don't want to give the ATO more money than you have to! Keep that money in your pocket and lodge your tax return on time.  

How much does it cost to do my tax return with you? 
We have 4 different payment ranges, and it all depends on the deductions you would like to claim:
Free, $10, $38.50 & $64.95 

You can find a detailed list of each price range here.


It's time to beat the tax due date and get the tax return out of the way...