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Gotax | 2022 Income Tax return

June 16, 2022

GoTax is up and going for 2022, so what's NEW?

Our 2022 GoTax site is live at www.gotax.com.au

I suppose the big one is we are now CHEAPER than previous years.

We've turned the screws on the technology behind the system, got more efficient and we decided (stupidly) to DROP our price.

Our New Price Structure is:

  • Tax Virgins (for those first timers) - it's free

  • Quick return (limited deductions) - It's $10

  • Any other Individual return is NOW ONLY $49

That of course excludes rental properties and those that use the business schedules.  Those prices are unchanged from prior years.

And to deduct our fees from your refund it's $20.

So we're beating the Inflation Trend and reducing our prices.  The extra savings will allow you to buy that lettuce you've been craving or add an extra cup of fuel to that petrol tank.

We hope you enjoy this year with GoTax.


Be aware of the ATO processing times to avoid disappointment.

At this stage the ATO will not go live until the 20th June.  So up to that date you cannot start your 2022 tax return.  The ATO have also indicated that they will not start to process tax refunds until the second week of July.  You can still do your tax return from the 20th June, but it might pay you to wait until.........

The information that prefills your return is subject to your employers sending their information to the ATO, the Banks and financial institutions sending their information through and any other reportable organisation, including Centrelink which historically drags its heals.

So patience is the key.  The dominos need to fall for everything to be in place for you to do your Income Tax Return efficiently.  And those factors are outside our control.

Keep smiling






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