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Factory Workers Tax Deductions

June 4, 2021

Do you work hard all day in a factory and have to spend money on things for work? Well, hopefully, the things you had to buy for work are on the list of tax deductions you can claim below:

Factory workers, boost your tax refund

Licences and certificates
The cost of your on-going work-related licences and certificates e.g. a forklift licence.

Union fees
Whether you pay your fees in one amount, or they are direct debited from your bank account or they are deducted from your pay, you can claim your out-of-pocket costs on your tax return. 

Uniforms, laundry, and protective equipment
The purchase and laundry of uniforms that are required to be worn at work can be claimed as well as steel-capped boots, safety glasses, hard hats, hair nets etc.

Any courses or studies directly related to improving your skills, or that could lead to an increase in income within your current role are tax-deductible. Along with the travel, textbooks, stationery, computers/laptops, home office use expenses related to your study. 

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Phone and Internet
Work-related calls, texts, and internet costs that were required to be made from your personal phone or device are tax-deductible, keep a one-month logbook to claim these. 

Other expenses you may be able to claim are:

  • Travel for work purposes 
  • Technical journals or books; and
  • Overtime meal allowances

You can’t claim:

  • Tools or equipment that are used for personal reasons. 
  • Clothing that is not part of a uniform with a logo, or normal everyday clothes or clothes like king gee shirts and shorts.
  • Work licences or courses that get you a new job or only kind of relate to your current job.


Our biggest goal at Gotax online is to try to make everything as simple and easy as possible, select your occupation to find out what you may be able to claim on your tax return. 

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Note that the information provided is general in nature and subject to change, please contact one of our professionals who can evaluate your circumstances and provide more accurate advice to your current situation.

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